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Cessna Singles

Our Cessna singles range from primary trainers through to the complex C177RG and high performance C182s.

N6334M N6334M
1981 Cessna 152
N9027H N9027H
1976 Cessna 172M *
N739ZL N739ZL
1978 Cessna 172N
N140PC N140PC
1977 Cessna 172N - 180hp
N837SP N837SP
2002 Cessna 172SP
N6190R N6190R
1980 Cessna 172RG *
1976 Cessna 177RG
N5302N N5302N
1980 Cessna 182Q

Piper Singles

Our Piper fleet provides a range of low wing trainers to compliment the Cessnas. They also provide a transition to the truly high performance airplanes in our fleet.

N8256E N8256E
1981 Piper Warrior
N4175V N4175V
1998 Piper Archer III
N8074T N8074T
1980 Piper Archer II

High Performance Singles

Our fleet features icons of single-engine high performance, a Cessna 182 and two Beechcraft Bonanzas.

N5302N N5302N
1980 Cessna 182Q
N7201N N7201N
1968 V35A Bonanza
N4540 N4540
1972 A36 Bonanza

* Indicates aircraft being outfitted for line use and is not presently being scheduled.

Fuel prices sometimes change radically. When this happens, rather than repeatedly changing our base rates, we add an hourly fuel surcharge based on the price of Avgas. When the price drops far enough this surcharge becomes negative and is deducted from the rental.The surcharge for each airplane is shown at the top of this page.