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C177RG Cardinal - N26WG

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C177RG N26WG at KPAO

To some eyes, the Cessna 177 Cardinal RG is the sleekest and most attractive piston single the manufacturer ever built. The Cardinal RG has a strutless wing, rakish cowl and windshield, along with a seating position that lets the pilot see past the leading edge of the wing, while allowing all four occupants to ride in the shade. The 200 hp engine gives the airplane C182-like cruise performance.

Nav/Comm 1 - TKM
Nav/Comm 2 - TKM
DME - King
ADF - King
Tie Down:Q17
Pilot Requirement:Private Pilot with Complex endorsement or better. 125 total hours, 20 hours retractable, 20 hours in C172RG or 5 - 10 hours dual to proficiency.
Currency:3 Hours flight in last 90 days. 3 takeoffs and landings in C172RG or C177RG in last 90 days.
Weight & Balance

Sundance Flying Club Weight & Balance Tool

  Left Right Total Arm Moment (lb-in/1000)
Empty Aircraft lb in
Front Seats lb lb lb in
Center Seats lb lb lb in
Rear Seats lb lb lb in
Fuel   ( gal max) gal gal gal in
Weight    lb lb lb
Baggage lb lb in
Aft Baggage lb lb in
Totals lb in

Weight/Balance Status
go-nogo decision

Equipment Notes
Weight and Balance Details
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Plot Legend

  • Red - Take-off weight/CG and zero fuel weight/CG
  • Orange - Basic Empty Weight and Arm

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