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PA28-181 N8074T

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PA28-181 N8074T

N8074T is a state of the art advanced IFR trainer. Equipped with an Aspen EFIS, STEC-50 Autopilot and WAAS capable GNS430W, this Archer II can be used for any Instrument Approach. In an IFR training environment, the extra power of the Archer's 180 hp engine provides an extra margin of safety in demanding situations such as missed approaches. This airplane is classed as a Technically Advanced Airplane (TAA).

Nav/Comm 1 - GNS430W
Nav/Comm 2 - digital, with glideslope
GPS with WAAS capability
PFD - Aspen Evolution PRO
Fuel Flow gauge
Tie Down:Q22
Pilot Requirement:Student or better. 10 hours in PA28-181 or 3 - 5 hours dual to proficiency. Attendance at a ground school is required prior to proficiency flights.
Currency:3 Hours flight in last 90 days. 3 takeoffs and landings in PA28, PA32 or BE35 in last 90 days.
Weight & Balance
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Sundance Flying Club Weight & Balance Tool

  Left Right Total Arm Moment (lb-in/1000)
Empty Aircraft lb in
Front Seats lb lb lb in
Center Seats lb lb lb in
Rear Seats lb lb lb in
Fuel   ( gal max) gal gal gal in
Weight    lb lb lb
Baggage lb lb in
Aft Baggage lb lb in
Totals lb in

Weight/Balance Status
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Equipment Notes
Weight and Balance Details
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Plot Legend

  • Red - Take-off weight/CG and zero fuel weight/CG
  • Orange - Basic Empty Weight and Arm

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