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C172SP N837SP

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C172 N837SP at KPAO

The Skyhawk is the benchmark for a docile, easy-to-fly airplane with no rude surprises. But if you're looking for speed or style, look somewhere else. It is the perfect all-around airplane - economical, easy to fly, easy to maintain, stable in all flight modes, comfortable enough for four small adults, full tanks and a couple of small daypacks. After production recommenced in 1997, Cessna introduced the C172SP which has a 180 hp fuel-injected engine.

Nav/Comm 1 - KX155A
Nav/Comm 2 - KX155A
MFD - KMD550
Autopilot - KAP140
Tie Down:R24
Pilot Requirement:Student or better. 10 hours in C172 or 3 - 5 hours dual to proficiency.
Currency:3 Hours flight in last 90 days. 3 takeoffs and landings in C172 - C182 in last 90 days.
Weight & Balance

Sundance Flying Club Weight & Balance Tool

  Left Right Total Arm Moment (lb-in/1000)
Empty Aircraft lb in
Front Seats lb lb lb in
Center Seats lb lb lb in
Rear Seats lb lb lb in
Fuel   ( gal max) gal gal gal in
Weight    lb lb lb
Baggage lb lb in
Aft Baggage lb lb in
Totals lb in

Weight/Balance Status
go-nogo decision

Equipment Notes
Weight and Balance Details
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Plot Legend

  • Red - Take-off weight/CG and zero fuel weight/CG
  • Orange - Basic Empty Weight and Arm

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