Aircraft and Rates

TypeTail NumberYearColorParking Rates*Fuel
Cessna 152N6334M1981Brown on TanQ23$111$111$1113.60
Cessna 172RGN6190R1980Brown/Yellow on Whitetbd$158$158$1586.00
Cessna 182N5302N1980Red on WhiteR20$220$220$2208.10
PA-28-161N8256E1981Blue/Green on WhiteR26$153$153$1534.80
PA-2-181N4175V1998Blue/gray on WhiteJ24$150$150$1506.30
PA28-181N8074T1980Blue/Black on WhiteR24$160$160$1606.60
Beech V35AN7201N1968Blue/Green/Gold on WhiteR22$310$310$3109.60
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* Rate details:
All rates are wet Hobbs, i.e. meaning, including fuel and real time from engine start to engine stop.
Night is flight that is scheduled and starts after 9 pm with the aircraft returned before 6 am the next morning.
Weekday is flight that is scheduled and starts between Monday at 6 am and Thursday at 9 pm.
Weekend flight is flight that is scheduled and starts between Friday at 6 am and Sunday at 9 pm (incl. holidays)