Rediscover Flying!

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Rediscover Flying

Has life got in the way of your flying passion?

Has it been years since you have been to the airport?

Want to get back in the air but don't know how to go about it?

Sundance Flying Club's Rediscover Flying program will make it easy (and fun).

Our 2 hour program includes -

  • A review your past experience with one of our highly experienced instructors who will be your guide for the day.
  • A look at the changes that have occurred in the regulations and the airspace since you last flew.
  • 30 minutes in one of our simulators in which you will get to see how, if at all, the cockpit has changed.
  • A short flight in one of our Cessna 172 airplanes to enable you to rediscover the skills of being a Pilot In Command.
  • Finally, a discussion of the path forward to you being able to put your Pilot's certificate back to work.

For just $199 we will put you firmly on the path to regaining your flying skills and passion.


  • What if I don't have a current medical?
    No problem! For today's flight you won't need one. In fact you won't need one until you are ready to fly on your own.
  • What if I don't have a current flight review?
    Again, no problem! As you will be flying with a flight instructor you will not need to be current. In fact, this flight is designed to give you a headstart on regaining currency.
  • Am I obligated to continue after this flight?
    No. If you decide that the passion is no longer there you have no obligation to continue.
  • I have lost my old logbook / pilot certificate. Must I start all over again?
    No problem. We will suggest ways in which you will be able to recover records of your past experience.
  • I know security has become much more important. Do I have to get a background check?
    No. Just bring your log, pilot's certificate and last medical (if you can find them) and your driver's license or other government photo ID.
  • Can I get to be current for just $199 ?
    Probably not. Our Rediscovery Flight Program has two goals - to remind you just how much fun flying is, and to get you started on regaining currency. One of the most important things in doing this is to identify the steps needed and then to take them in a planned way without breaking the bank.

Interested? Complete the form below and we will be in contact!

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Fill out this section of the form the best you can. The information here will help us to be able to answer your concerns when you decide to start flying again. If you don't remember something, don't worry!

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What is your goal in enquiring about the Rediscovery Flight? For example, are you interested in a flight review or are you looking to get back in the air after a number of years? Do you want to grapple with Glass cockpits?

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