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Sundance Flying Club is always adding new members. In order to keep the ratio of members to airplanes low enough to maintain our standards of easy access, we are continually looking to add airplanes to our fleet.

If you have an airplane and are looking lease it back, then look no further than Sundance Flying Club! Just as our goal is to offer our flying members the most pleasant and consistent flying experience available, so too we strive to make leasing back an airplane pleasurable and consistent.

We offer our members a wide range of airplanes, high-wing and low-wing, primary trainers to high-performance, single-engine and multi-engine. So no matter what your airplane is, there is a home for it at Sundance.

Although we are interested in leasing back any airplane, we are particularly interested in leasing -

  • C152 or Aerobat
  • C172
  • Taildragger - Citabria or C120/140
  • Piper Arrow
  • Bonanza

Interested in buying an airplane for leaseback? Talk to us - we will help you through the process and get you started in the leaseback industry.

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