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New to flight instruction or seasoned veteran, WE WANT YOU!!!

At the Sundance Flying Club our flight training credo is, "We train airplane commanders"!

We're looking for CFIs who believe in that philosophy. If that's you, look no further. Call 650.494.7768

If you are new to flight instruction, WE WANT YOU! Call 650.494.7768
At Sundance we specialize in fostering a mentor relationship with our new flight instructors.

For novice CFIs, our start-up mentoring covers critical instructional and business issues such as:

  • Marketing your small business including
    1. Web presence
    2. Introductory flight scripting
    3. Online scheduling for your clients
    4. Optimal curb appeal and training environment

  • Efficient time management skills including
    1. Maximizing lesson time
    2. Maximizing productivity
    3. Maximizing billable time and realization rates.

After working with our Chief Pilot, new flight instructors will be ready to provide the most pleasant and consistent flying experience anybody ever had. And earn a living doing it. Call 650.494.7768

Incentives for our CFI team

  • No CFI Facility Fees
  • New customer incentives

Interested in being a CFI at
Sundance Flying Club

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