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Introduction to Flight Flight Training Gift Certificates

Did you see our Learn to Fly ad? $199 for your first hour of flight training!

Simply clip or print our ad and bring it to the Sundance Flying Club office, call us on (650)494-7768 or email us to realize your dream of flight.

You will receive about 1 hour of a ground introduction to flight
followed by about 1 hour of flying where you get to be the pilot!
This includes

  • Walk around and inspect the airplane (the "preflight inspection")
  • Start up the airplane and taxi it to the runway
  • Take off from Palo Alto Airport
  • Pilot the airplane
  • Experience the unique view
  • Return for landing (Your instructor will help you here)
  • Taxi back to parking

After a post flight discussion with your Certified Flight Instructor in our Flight Briefing Room, you will receive a Pilot's Log Book with an official entry for your first flight lesson.

Above all, don't forget your camera!

learn to flyFlight Training at the Sundance Flying Club

Our goal is to train airplane commanders. To this end we focus on fundamentals. Our flight instruction is conducted on a "one-on-one" basis where we tailor our lessons to optimally build your flight skills, knowledge and confidence.

Our dedicated Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) are highly experienced, with a wide range of expertise in different types of aircraft and flying conditions. They will train you from the beginning through the most advanced ratings. Using industry-standard instruction materials, we will work with you through a program of ground work and navigation along with the thrill of flying in the challenging San Francisco airspace.

Private Pilot Training

Why pay extra for advanced equipment while you are in the the early stages of training? Keep down costs and keep it simple while you are learning the fundamental skills of VFR flight. Sundance Flying Club has a number of primary trainers on its flight line, from the iconic Cessna 152 to the 4-seat Skyhawk and Warrior aircraft.

Instrument Training

The Sundance fleet is diverse so that we can match the airplane to your needs. Our IFR trainers range from basic instrument platforms through to the most Technically Advanced Airplanes (in FAA-speak - a TAA).

Commercial Training

At this more advanced stage of training you need a more complex airplane. Sundance uses the popular Cessna 172RG and 177RG to maximize the hours of experience for your money.

Instructor and Other Advanced Ratings

Talk to us about your needs! We have qualified 2 CFIs and 2 multi-engine pilots (on their first checkrides) in the last 3 months!

Multi-engine training

Our beautifully maintained Beech Duchess is available for your multi-engine training needs. Equipped with modern avionics, this twin engine airplane and our experienced Multi Engine Instructors will make add-on ratings an affordable pleasure.

Glass Panel training

Sundance specializes in Aspen Evolution glass panel training, with an extensive range of Aspen equipped airplanes ranging from simple steam gauge equivalents to full Technically Advanced Aircraft versions, including Electronic Synthetic Vision.

High Performance Airplane training

For pilots who are looking to gain experience with truly advanced airplanes (such as our Beech Bonanza or Baron), Sundance offers training in tubo-charged operations and in Lean Of Peak operations.

Giving the Gift of Flight

Give the gift of flight for any occasion
click here to print

Want to buy a gift for the pilot in your life? What better than a Sundance Flying Club Gift Certificate! The recipient can use it for flight, instruction or pilot supplies.

We offer 2 different Gift Certificates.

  • Introduction to Flight - Ideal for someone who is thinking about learning to fly
  • Gift Certificate - For any amount, in increments of $10

Simply visit our on-line store, buy the certificate of your choice and download it from our secure web site.

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