Sundance Flying Club
Temporary Membership

Temporary membership is designed for a visiting pilot who wishes to rent a club airplane. For example, it is ideal for a pilot from another country who wishes to fly on vacation. The membership is for a fixed term, during which the member enjoys the full membership privileges of the club. Rental of airplanes is at the Full member rate. Temporary members enjoy insurance coverage equal to that of a full member.

Temporary Membership fees

Initiation fee - $55

Monthly Membership dues - $55

A temporary member converting to full membership does pay the initiation fee for full membership at conversion of the membership.

The monthly membership dues are billed in advance for the full length of the membership, unless other arrangements have been made.

Most temporary memberships are for 1 month. A returning temporary member who is unfinancial will be automatically billed for 1 month temporary membership on taking an airplane. (This option is only available to temporary members.)