Sundance Flying Club - Airplane Scheduling

Flight Operations - May 19, 2021

Santa Clara county has entered the Yellow tier today. Many of the restrictions affecting use of the club have been lifted, however you must still wear a mask in the club rooms until that restriction has been lifted. If you are outside or in an airplane mask usage is not mandated so it is your choice.

We are now in the process of bringing airplanes online. The lack of use for the last year has resulted in increased maintenance issues so preflight carefully and remember to squawk any deficiencies. Use shedulemaster to do this and remember the more information you can give the better. "Low" priority squawks should be used for issues that do not affect flight safety; "Medium" is for most issues that significantly impact operation but do not compromise safety; "Plane Down" should be used for serious defects, including inability to start the engine etc.

Please take care. Ensure that you are current and proficient. If you have any concerns about proficiency,contact us and we can assist in "rust removal".


ADS-B Out has been required as of January 1st, 2020. Most of the airplanes in our fleet operate with UAT tramsmitters for ADS-B Out.

ADS-B means that there are new operating procedures that you need to observe. These procedures are placarded in the airplane. In general, ADS-B Out must be operating even on the ground, so the airplane transponder must be on and squawking altitude whenever the engine is running. Additionally, the Nav lights must be on at all times for the airplanes noted below.

In general the airplanes are not equipped with the optional ADS-B In. It is, therefore, worth your while buying one of the cheap units that will interface with the tablet you use as your EFB.

The current ADS-B status for the fleet is shown in the table below.

Tail NumberADS-B OutEquipment Powered UpADS-B In
N4175VUATNav LightsNo
N5302NUATNav lightsNo
N6334MUATNav lightsNo
N8074TUATNav LightsNo
N8256EUATNav LightsNo

IMPORTANT - Some airplanes are AGAIN on different Tie Downs

The first part of the current ramp renovation is complete (nearly). The club airplanes have been moved to the new area. The new taxiways now have painted ident letters.

Some taxiway relayout is still ongoing so watch out for duplicate Taxiway identifiers. Currently there are duplicate taxiways N and G.

Here are the new Sundance parking spots. Airplanes in their final tie downs will have green tie down designations in the table below.

Tail NumberNew Tie Down
N26WGnot assigned
Oil LockerQ19