Sundance Flying Club - Airplane Scheduling

IMPORTANT - Airplanes are on different Tie Downs

The Airport is on the next phase of the apron rebuild project, with a currently estimated completion by May 3rd. This phase involves many of the tie downs that Sundance uses. The work is being done in 2 parts. First they replacing utilities on the ramp. Repaving of the ramp is about to start. Work was expected to take up to 6 months and involve a number of moves. For most of the time all aircraft movements will only be on the terminal side. The 31 runup area will also be involved so we can expect the Tower to issue taxi-back instructions and may ask for a back-taxi on the runway. Please be alert for changing tower/ground instructions.

Some taxiway relayout is expected so watch out for duplicate Taxiway identifiers. Currently there are duplicate taxiways N and G.

Here are the new Sundance parking spots.

Tail NumberNew Tie Down
N6TX"old" N02
Oil LockerP7

Fleet Changes

N140PC is no longer in the club. Its owner has moved to the Central Valley and has moved it to Tracy.

N8249B also is no longer in the club. It is for sale and if you are interested call the club. We will put you in contact with the seller.

N4175V is a new addition to the club. This Piper Archer III is a 1998 airplane and reflects the changes Piper has made to the Archer in recent years. It currently is not IFR capable but will be upgraded in the near future. If you wish to fly it you should plan on spending a little time with a CFI as the interior layout is quite different from the rest of our Piper fleet.