News of the Day



Good News

Borges Wauriman earned his Private Pilot Certificate and is now able to bore holes in the sky without his Garrett Woodman, his instructor.  Although Garrett thought Borges was well prepared, he was using a Designated Examiner without much history and uncertainty raises the anxiety level.  However, the PTS was well known to all so the standards were clear.

Josh Gurewitz soloed on Thursday, October 14.  The winds were calm and sky clear although I doubt Josh spent much of his time admiring the scenery.  Karl Liang was the smiling CFI sitting on the bench.

The Arrow is almost here.  The owner has the airplane in the avionics shop having the GPS installed and repairing the autopilot.  Once these are taken care of and a couple of other items looked at, it should be ready for the Club.

The deductible on our insurance policy has, for all intents and purposes, been removed.  In the past, the waiver of the deductible was an option that could be taken on an elective basis.  This is a reminder that the first of this month, all pilots are being charged for this benefit.  We believe it will result in a timely reporting of incidences and accidents and minimize “finger-pointing” and trying to assign fault so that we can collect the deductible.


Some not so Good News

The owner of 8LF has asked that we increase the rental rate of his airplane to $94.00/hr wet.  Even at this rate, we remain competitive with other similar 172s.

The price of avgas has increase significantly during the past month.  We continue to monitor the price and, as in the past, when the price reaches $3.25 off the truck, we will have to raise the rental rates of our aircraft.  Although we have built into our pricing model the cost of avgas, the model does require adjustment when the cost of avgas exceeds $3.25.  So, please don’t be surprised if the rates are increased next month.

As many may know, The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has promulgated “regulations from hell”.  For those that are not aware, if they are allowed to go through, all members of the GA community will be affected one way or another.  However, because the regulations were drafted with little or no input from affected governmental agencies, industry officials, or the flying public, there is no one who can provide clear guidance on how to proceed with their implementation.  Rather that bore everyone with an explanation that may be outdated by the time you receive this, checkout the AOPA website (  You may want to have a crying towel handy when you do.  STAY TUNED.  




Ever thought of owning an airplane?  How about a friend, colleague, or acquaintance?  I know of a 1980 warrior for sale that looks to be in good condition.  The asking price is $46,500 but I understand the owner is negotiable.  Let me know.