December 2006

Give the Gift of Flight this Holiday Season

Looking for a gift for the pilot in your family? Why not give a Sundance Flying Club gift certificate. Our gift certificates are redeemable at the club for any billable item, whether it is flight time, instruction or any other item purchasable through the club. Just choose the amount and we will do the rest. The certificate never expires, so can be saved for a sunny day.

Interested? Call us on 650 494-7768 or email us at

AOPA Credit Cards - Last Chance to Submit Your FBO Rebates

With all of the holiday frenzy, don't forget that the AOPA FBO Rebate program is ending on December 31, 2006. The program will be replaced with the AOPA Worldpoints Rewards credit card effective January 1, 2007.

AOPA states in this week's ePilot that the deadline to submit for your $250 annual rebate expires on December 31, however this is not correct! The date by which the final charge qualifying for a rebate may be made is Dec. 31, 2006. But the request for this final rebate must be made by January 31, 2007.

Due to the recent acquisition of MBNA by Bank of America, the MBNA Net Access Web site has merged with the Online Banking from Bank of America Web site. As a result, the rebate submission process has been updated as well. To view a demonstration of how to submit your rebates online through the Bank of America Web site, download a quick demonstration. Accessing your credit card account(s) through Bank of America's Web site is easy. Follow these steps to access your AOPA credit card account(s): Sign in to Online Banking using your MBNA Net Access login name and password. On the Online Banking from Bank of America Web site, your login name is known as your online ID, and your password is known as your passcode. Agree to new terms and conditions. For future access, simply sign in to Online Banking from Bank of America directly from the Bank of America home page.

Winter flying

The winter is upon us. This does not mean though that the flying season is over. However, some different considerations come into play.

Before launching off for that skiing weekend, spend some time with your CFI and review the aspects of winter flying in the mountains. Although density altitude is not so much of an issue, the cold weather brings its own challenges - frost or snow on the wings of a parked plane is just one that springs to mind.

Do you have an Instrument rating? If you do, are you current and proficient? Perhaps it is time to book an IPC with your CFII. If you don't have an Instrument ticket, this is a great time to start on one. Not only will it make you a more precise pilot, but also it greatly enhances the utility of your pilot certificate. And being able to file IFR greatly simplifies your life if you have to fly into the LA basin!

Winter Office Hours

Over winter our office hours will be somewhat reduced. We will be closed on Sundays and Mondays, open from 1 to 5pm on Tuesdays to Fridays, and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays. Of course, you will still have access to the ready room 24/7. If you need to contact us when the office is closed, please call (650) 494-7768 and leave a message.

We will be taking the opportunity over winter to spring clean, so you may find things temporarily rearranged. We will try to keep the inconvenience to a minimum, so please bear with us during the process.

A Change at Sundance

After some 12 years at the helm, Chuck Cali has handed over the club to Heather Wagner and Evan Williams. Chuck will continue to be associated with the club, and is threatening to restart teaching advanced IFR training. Could be true! He has been seen around the club clasping a headset and grinning a lot recently.

Heather is well known to many members as she has been a CFI at the club for many years, and filled in for Fred Thomas during his absence. (Fred is well and truly back in his capacity as Chief Pilot for Sundance.) Heather owns N738GE.

Evan is also an owner. He and his wife, Lesley, own N7201N, N2865m and N8256E, the blue, green and white fleet. Both Evan and Lesley are pilots who have been members of Sundance for longer than either will care to admit to. Evan is a single and multi rated commercial pilot.