WhatÕs Up?

Kyle Oppenheimer took his IFR checkride and walk away with a big smile on his face.  Troubled by weather and an injured Flight Examiner, Kyle persevered and was rewarded with what many consider to be the most difficult rating to obtain.  Howard Foster was his happy CFI.

After 50 years of flying, Dwight Lubich has turned in his wings and will no longer soar with the eagles.  A retired United Airlines captain, Dwight joined Sundance so that he could continue getting from point A to Point B without the hassles of congested freeways.  Although the Pipers and Cessnas donÕt compare with the ŌBig IronĶ  he was used to flying, they were good enoughŅafter all, donÕt the laws of physic apply to the big airplanes and the little ones the same?  We wish Dwight and his wife well, and ask that he doesnÕt become a stranger around the airport.

It is the season for birds to do their thing along the coastline and the U.S. Department of the Interior wants to warn all pilots that Seabirds are particularly sensitive to aircraft disturbance.  The nesting season extends from March 15 through August 15 this year. and pilots have been asked to maintain a distance of at least 2000 feet from nesting colonies.  Disturbing wildlife by aircraft can be a violation of 50CFR19.11 as well as a violation of the National Marine Sanctuaries Act.  Be Careful out there.

WhatÕs Happening?

The price of aviation fuel continues to rise and as of this writing it looks like a fuel surcharge will be reinstated effective April 1.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but 25B, the Duchess, will leaving Sundance during April.  The aircraft will be available to those who have booked it so enjoy it while you can.    We are in the process of looking for a replacement as I write.

Speaking of rate changes, as winter slides into the rearview mirror, the special promotional winter rates for N738GE, N8256E, N2865M, and N4531F will revert to their pre-winter rates.  

The Elite Simulator is gone.  It was a wonderful tool for IFR training and currency but it didnÕt fly as much as we had been hoped.   

WhatÕs going On?

The Santa Rosa Ninety-Nines sent us information regarding its Aviation Scholarship and we share it with you.

Purpose:  To provide funding to be used for a specific rating or certification to further the recipientÕs pursuit of a career in aviation.

Award Amount:  $3,000

Eligibility:  any women at least 17 years of age, holding at minimum, a current private license, a current medical, and a current flight review.  Must reside within 150 miles of Santa Rosa Airport, be eligible for the rating being applied for (i.e., number of flight hours require, etc.) and have completed any written requirements for the rating before funds are dispersed.

Application Due:  May 1, 2006

If interested, we have applications in the Sundance Office.