What’s Up


Rob Becker, after several years in the making earned his Private Pilot Certificate and bore holes in the sky without having to worry about a 90-day endorsement.  Rob’s CFI, Ralph Robinson, is now looking for  another new student. 

Tony Chavez passed his IFR check ride and can now fly where he is often told his heads is—in the clouds.  While Fred Thomas did much of the  work  and signed his name to the 8710, a couple of other CFIIs contributed to  his training including Chuck Cali and Jim Roche.  Equally important though, were the many too numerous to mention members and CFIs, who provided substantial encouragement throughout the process.  


What’s Happening? 

The relocation of the Ready Room is ahead of schedule.  Please pick up  your flight books from the New Ready Room (adjacent to our office, suite  109) effective Sunday, July 31.  There will be a “key box near the door that will allow access on weekends and after hours.  For now, the flight  books will be in a locker as you enter the office.    For the moment, oil will also be located in the new ready room but our  goal is to eventually co-locate it with the airplanes.  More on this later.  All combinations will remain UNCHANGED.  Don’t forget to return the key  to the lock box. 


What’s Going On? 

Sundance will be hosting a BBQ in the parking lat near the office to celebrate the GRAND OPENING of the new Ready Room.  Mark your calendar  for August 20, 1:00 PM.  More a little later.