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April 2006

-- File /G in N2865M!

N2865M, our Archer IIFile /G in N2865M, is now equipped with the latest avionics! Its new panel is focused around a brand new GNS 430, certified for all phases of IFR flight. This brand new GPS features the latest software, including Terrain Alert capability. In addition to the wide ranging capability of the 430 as a GPS, it also provides the most up-to-date NAV/COMM capability. Additionally, NAV2/COMM2 is a digital unit, which provides a second, independent glide-slope capability. Finally, the panel contains a VFR Loran, the popular NorthStar M1.

-- Ratings Earned

Mauricio Rodriguez earned his multi-engine rating in April. Weather and scheduled maintenance delays meant having to postpone check-rides but in the end, perseverance paid off. Tom O'Donnell was the happy CFI.

-- Fuel Surcharge

The price of Fuel IslandAVGAS continues to soar and we will reluctantly have to increase the fuel surcharge again effective May 1. Nevertheless, our aircraft remain competitive with our neighbors at Palo Alto.

-- What's Happening?

As the saying goes, there are old pilots and bold pilots but there are no old and bold pilots. On May 3, two of Sundance Flying Club's CFIs will be honored by the Federal Aviation Administrator with the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. Ralph Robinson and Jim Long met the stringent requirements of this prestigious award. The criteria for this award include:

In addition, the requirements also state that the candidate must be a pilot in good standing; revocation of any airman certificate will disqualify a nominee; prior accident history will be considered and may be disqualifying; civil penalty or suspension will automatically disqualify a nominee.

So, being an award winner is not just jumping through a couple of hoops, it means the recipient has, over a fifty year period, maintained a high standard for him/herself as not only an aviator but also as a citizen of the United States. And as long-time flight instructors at Sundance we appreciate their keeping the bar high so that we to can become "old" pilots.

Congratulation Ralph and Jim!

-- What's going On?