Sundance Flying Club
Family Membership

Family membership is available to all members of a family living at one address. It confers all privileges of Sundance Membership to each named person. Family members are able to schedule airplanes and CFI resources. When flying a club airplane, family members are seamlessly covered by the club insurance up to the limits specified. As a "named insured" a family member is protected from subrogation of a claim. Family members are able to rent club airplanes at a lower rate than other members.

Family Membership fees

Initiation fee - $55

Monthly Membership dues - $90 for 2 pilots, plus $45 each additional pilot

The initiation fee is payable once only. A returning member does not incur this fee again. A full member converting to family membership does not pay another initiation fee.

The monthly membership dues are billed quarterly in advance, unless other arrangements have been made.