David Agranovich

David Agranovich

Rate: Call
Ratings: CFI/AGI/IGI
Phone: 440-241-9221
Email: fly@davidagranovich.com

I learned to fly in the Bay Area and San Diego, and fell in love with the mountains and backcountry flying opportunities in the Mountain West. In addition to teaching, I also own a Turbo 182RG and fly with Angel Flight West (a medical transportation NGO) and Pilots and Paws (a nonprofit animal relocation service). Outside of flying, I work in cybersecurity at a large tech company.

I specialize in Private Pilot, Commercial Pilot, and high performance/complex training, and especially enjoy introducing fellow pilots to new and exciting destinations.

Why Fly with Me?

Every step of training - whether you're aiming to get your Private Pilot's license, grow your skills with a new checkout or endorsement, launch an aviation career, or complete a flight review or new, challenging, cross-country will be tailored to how you learn best. I'm a flight instructor because I love sharing the joy of flying, not because I'm building time for an airline career, and my approach to training reflects my belief that each lesson should be as efficient as possible to help you reach your goals as quickly, affordably, and expertly as possible.

What can we achieve together:

  • Private Pilot certificate
  • Commercial Pilot certificate
  • Aircraft checkouts
  • Flight Review
  • High performance/Complex endorsement
  • Safety piloting/cross-country training
  • Mountain Checkout

What you can expect from me:

  • Detailed notes after each lesson
  • Structured syllabus for PPL and CPL progress so you always know where you are in your journey
  • Real-world scenario-focused training in addition to fundamentals