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Baja California Sur Mileage

1. KPAO (Palo Alto) to MMML (Mexicali) 445
  MMML (Mexicali) to MMSF (San Felipe) 104
  MMSF (San Felipe) to MMMG (Mulegé) GGL 289
2. KPAO (Palo Alto) to KWJF (Lancaster) 250
  KWJF (Lancaster) to MMSF (San Felipe) 286
  MMSF (San Felipe) to MMMG (Mulegé) GGL 289
3. MMMG (Mulegé) GGL to Laguna San Ignacio 68
4. MMMG (Mulegé) GGL to MMLT (Loreto) 74
5. MMSF (San Felipe) to BHL (Bahia de los Angeles) 134
  BHL(Bahia de los Angeles)to Punta San Francisquito 48
6. Punta San Francisquito to MMMG (Mulegé) GGL 103
7. MMMG (Mulegé) GGL to MMGR (Guerrero Negro) 128
  MMGR (Guerrero Negro) to MMSF (San Felipe) 179
8. MMSF (San Felipe) to KYUM (Yuma) 104
  KYUM (Yuma) to KWJF (Lancaster) 220
9. MMSF (San Felipe) to KCXL (Calexico) 110
  KCXL (Calexico) to KWJF (Lancaster) 184
10. KWJF (Lancaster) to KPAO (Palo Alto) 191

Note: All distances are measured in nautical miles
Mulege has no avgas, only mogas (regular and premium) available