Mick Chapman
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A two tank dive US$90 including equipment for certified divers. Please remind divers to bring with them their respective certification cards. To take the boat out, we would require a minimum of two divers, or three snorklers. Or the boat at a minimum cost of US$150 for a single client.

For non divers who would like to take an "Introduction Dive", it is US$90 for the dive, equipment, and training session. Most people will be in the water just over an hour, but it will obviously be air supply dependent. All together a period of about 4 to 5 hours would be required including transportation to and from the dive site etc.

For snorkelers, again including equipment, wet suits etc., plus a guide, the cost is US$50. Duration is about 5 to 6 hours all up.

Deposits will be required for rental of dive/snorkel gear.

We now have a great classroom if anyone wishes to take a full course, (time dependent of course) or indeed take an Advanced Open Water Course etc.