Flight To Mexico Checklist

Before Leaving Palo Alto

1. Get Los Angeles Sectional, CH-22 W.A.C. and GH-22 Supplemental W.A.C.

2. Pick a Buddy and communicate with her.

3. Make sure you have all required aircraft documents. permanent registration, airworthiness certificate and two copies of each, aircraft radio station license, proof of insurance, notarized letter of permission from AC owner and a current Customs and Border Protection Aircraft User Fee Decal.

4. Make sure pilot and all passengers have all personal required documents.

Pilot - pilot and medical certificates and two copies of each, passport and 4th class restricted radiotelephone operator permit.

Passengers - passport, notarized permission from spouse for children Please refer to Required Documents for complete list

5. File 2 DVFR flight plans with Prescott FSS (not Oakland) (928) 778-0314

6. Bring extra aviation oil, spout and a rag.

7. Bring tie down kit.

8. Bring 1 gallon plastic milk bottle (screw on cap type) filled with water.

9. Bring portable GPS and handheld transceiver with fully charged batteries.

10. Bring cash for Mexican fuel and Visas.

11. Pack the plane the night before, I promise it will save a lot of time.


Crossing Border Southbound

1. Advise ATC or Flight Service when and where you will be crossing the ADIZ

2. Call Tower of Mexico Airport of Entry (M-AOE) if on the border or 10 to 20 miles out if in the interior.

3. Monitor international ship-to-ship frequency (123.45 MHz) after take off from border M-AOE or when crossing border if M-AOE is in the interior of Mexico. Then check in

4. Practice the emergency procedures.


On the ground at M-AOE

1. Fuel Aircraft

2. File flight plan and close, File second flight plan for next destination

3. Get Entry Authorization, Single or Multiple

4. Get Visa at Imigracion

5. Go through Aduana Customs

6. Reminder - give position report anytime you over fly Mexican towered airport


Crossing Border Northbound

1. Open your prefiled DVFR flight plan and get your squawk code.

2. Make sure you’ve given required one hour Customs and Immigrations notice.

3. Give notification of A.D.I.Z. crossing time and place.

4. Fill out a Private Aircraft Enforcement System Arrival Report (CPB form 178)

5. Close DVFR flight plan after crossing ADIZ & before landing at your US-AOE